About Us

SeaStock is developing intellectual property in conjunction with Flinders University in order to progress to commercial production and sale of the methane-reducing feed supplement.

Our Aim

SeaStock aims to be the leading producer, processor and knowledge base for certified asparagopsis in Western Australia. 

Our Purpose

SeaStock invests in leading global marine science and animal nutrition research programs. Our purpose is to commercialise the optimal production & processing of the Asparagopsis seaweed for the use in methane reducing feed ingredients.

Our Vision

  • Enable global Agriculture to continuously reduce methane emissions across ruminant animal production.
  • Creating world class production methods and processing technology of high quality bromoform ingredients derived from Asparagopsis seaweed.
  • To be a consistent supplier of methane reducing ingredients to the global feed market.

2021-2023 Targets

  • Develop IP methods of Asparagopsis production in Western Australia.
  • Develop IP method for 1st stage processing.
  • Accredited supplier of Asparagopsis bromoform.
  • Develop a rapid test method for the bromoform content.
  • Establish nutritional IP for ingredient supply into feed mills.

+ 2024 Targets

  • Production scale up across 4 geographic regions in Western Australia.
  • Production of Amarta and Taxiformis varieties.
  • Establishment of a concentrate blending plant in Western Australia.
  • Production agreements with licenced aquaculture entities.
  • Off take agreements with major feed millers in Australasia.

Our Strategy

  • We will invest in marine science research to create IP in farming, processing and testing Asparagopsis for commercial production.
  • We will invest in ruminant animal nutrition research for the development and inclusion of Asparagopsis derived bromoform feed ingredients.
  • To deliver the strategy, we will partner with leading Western Australian aquaculture operators to access existing licenced seabed locations as sites for research and future production.
  • To deliver the strategy, we will invest in research, people, engineering technology to enable application scale. We will seek partnerships with adjacent industry solution providers.
  • Our focus pillars are Marine, Processing and Marketing that will support the foundation for rapid IP development and commercial growth, with a goal to remain a differentiated ingredient supplier to the global feed industry.