Technical Partner

SeaStock and Flinders University are progressing their exclusive multi-year R&D collaboration program.

Flinders is expected to generate valuable intellectual property for SeaStock, enabling the company to become the leading certified producer of Asparagopsis spp. in Western Australia.

The program has a curated team of researchers with industry and academic experience to ensure a commercially optimised outcome is achieved.

The Technical Team

Prof. Wei Zhang

Inaugural President – Australia New Zealand Marine Biotechnology Society, Director – Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, CEO – Marine Bioproducts CRC, Research Director – Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre

A Biochemical Engineer since 1989, Prof Wei Zhang has a strong research and teaching expertise in bioprocess engineering, marine bioproducts engineering, and industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology.

He obtained his PhD from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and did Postdocs in University of Tokyo, Adelaide University and Cambridge University. He joined Flinders University in 1998.

Since 2000, he has secured many national and international grants of over A$180 million including Marine Bioproduct Cooperative Research Centre grant with a total value of $270 million as the Bid lead. Prof Wei Zhang founded the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development and became its inaugural Director in 2009.

Prof. Jian Qin

Jianguang obtained Bachelor at Dalian Fisheries College, China in 1982, Masters at University of Oklahoma in 1988 and PhD at Ohio State University in 1994.

After a 3-year postdoc at the University of Hawaii, he joined Flinders University in 1997.

Jian is a pioneer of the aquaculture program at Flinders and has led the aquaculture research at Flinders to the world class in the area of Fishery Sciences.