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Perth company SeaStock granted licence to sell livestock feed supplement Asparagopsis.

SeaStock has become Western Australia’s first licensee granted permission to commercially sell a native seaweed-based livestock feed supplement that drastically reduces methane.

Awarding of the licence from global patent holder FutureFeed gives the company market access to sell Asparagopsis, a naturally occurring red seaweed, for processing into a supplement which reduces methane from ruminant livestock by more than 90 per cent.

SeaStock Managing Director Tom Puddy said the company’s research and commercialisation ambitions were strengthened by the licence agreement as interest in Asparagopsis grows globally.

“This is a huge milestone for SeaStock and WA, which is in the box seat to establish itself as a leading player in the burgeoning native seaweed industry,” Mr Puddy said.

Below article from The Countryman with further details.

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