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Flinders University Researchers announce major breakthrough

SeaStock research partners, Flinders University, announced a milestone in their research of an algae from the Abrolhos Islands which could help fight climate change as reported in The West Australian Newspaper.

The team announced on December 30 that scientists have successfully grown the red algae called Asparagopsis Taxiformis from scratch in their lab, raising hopes the seaweed can be produced at a level to feed cows across the world.

The scientists announced they have been able to culture the seaweed in its early life stages in the lab which project lead Professor J Qin described as “a major milestone in terms of the development of our research that will allow SeaStock to further its research in the ocean culture.

Managing director Tom Puddy said the achievement made by the Flinders scientists was a big step towards producing the seaweed at a scale to meet market demand.

“This will allow us to gear up to produce larger commercial quantities of Asparagopsis to meet market demand and to scale up more quickly, which is a huge positive for us as we progress.”

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