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SeaStock MD Tom Puddy speaks with The Australian about the Global Methane Pledge

SeaStock Managing Director Tom Puddy spoke with The Australian’s rural reporter Charlie Peel as the UN Climate Change Conference or COP27 Forum got underway in Egypt.

The Conference saw Australia added as a signatory to Joe Biden’s Global Methane Pledge which aims to reduce global methane emissions by 30% by 2030 – a bold target as Peel goes on to highlight.

According to the article, the native seaweed Asparagopsis “is a frontrunner in the race to develop a silver bullet. The red seaweed is rich in bromoform, which inhibits the production of methane in the stomachs of ruminants by between 80 and 98 per cent.”

“We initially started off building a pilot plant that’s rapidly grown into more of a commercial-scale plant based on the demand that we’re seeing,” Puddy says.

“What this plant will do is prove our ability to develop larger-scale land-based facilities along the WA coast and other locations that would be 10 times the size.”

“2030 certainly gives this industry around Asparagopsis cultivation time to prove-up the science and the reproductive systems move into full-scale production.”

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